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Chinese Great FirewallAn introduction to the Great Firewall (GFW)

It is interesting to know that the Chines government has blocked many of the popular websites like, Facebook, Google, and the YouTube through the filtering system called Great Firewall (GFW).

There is still one way to bypass the security system, the VPN services. (more…)

Torrent VPN ProvidersThe best VPN service is one that has the backing of many users from different geological location with the different devices and planes.

Remember, the most expensive VPN service don’t always mean the most reliable and fast.

The competitive environment allows the user to select the best VPN service even in cheap price. (more…)

VPN LogoIf you are someone who is regularly using Smartphone, then you may not be using VPN.

The major feature that is associated with VPN is that it helps you in surfing over internet both in the private as well as public hotspots as it created a virtual tunnel for the smart device of users.

This can help the private files of yours to be kept safe from the access of some third party. You should not hesitate in getting VPN service as it can provide you with ultimate way of protecting your private date.

There are various ways through which VPN assures protection. (more…)

VPN LogoIntroduction to the phenomenon:

Virtual private network plays an important role to connect remote offices and also provide security to the data. As an extension the VPN in public helps us deal with IP addresses in public as well as other places. The data can be sent anywhere under the protection of the private network which keeps it safe. The data available on extended resources can be accessed as on a particular network through the VPN. This helps users to gain their information, data and resources throughout the world under the banner of VPN which provides them safety in this regard.

The use of android:

In java language code is mostly customized. Android is a Linux-based operating system designed especially to touchscreen mobile devices such as smart phones in addition to tablet computers and is no doubt the most used operating system in the world today used almost by used by 71% of the mobile developer population. It has enormous applications data bank and in almost in every field of human life. Android was introduced officially in 2007 with many Hardware, Software and Telecommunications companies adamant in advancing to open standards for mobile devices and thus started a journey of Android smart phones along with tablets. Android is open source. This open-source code actually allows the software to be freely modified and distributed by device manufacturers, wireless carriers and developers. Currently, Android has a large community of developers, writing applications that give the endless possibilities and functionalities to devices. (more…)

wi-fiResearch carried out by Sophos, shows that 8% of the more than 100,000 access points Wi-Fi, registered in the center of London, do not use encryption technology, and 19% use encryption technology, WEP. According to the researchers, the fact that many Wi-Fi networks in London used fairly old technology encryption WEP, can be explained by the fact that quite a number of Internet users are using older Wi-Fi routers that do not support the more modern encryption technology.

Most experts say that the root of the problem lies in the fact that the majority of Internet users use their existing equipment on a “works fine”, often replacing it only when the existing equipment is beyond repair. (more…)