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Kaspersky LabExperts of “Kaspersky Lab” analyzed programs containing vulnerabilities that are most often used by hackers to commit attacks on computers.

According to a published report, an average of one user account for 12 vulnerabilities in the software. All in all, it was discovered more than 132 million vulnerable applications. These and other figures and was able to identify trends in the study of data from 11 million computers in the composition of the cloud network Kaspersky Security Network, from January to December 2012.

Last year it was discovered 806 unique vulnerabilities. Only 37 of them were found in at least 10% of the computers for at least one week in the period of analysis. This sensitive software that can attract the attention of criminals. 37 These vulnerabilities have been found in 11 different groups of programs. The most vulnerable are the products Adobe Shockwave / Flash Player, Apple iTunes / QuickTime and Oracle Java. (more…)