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Wi-Fi NetworkThese days, you can easily share the bandwidth of your internet connection with others by using Wi-Fi networks.

We will need to protect our networks by using access password, so that we can share our connections only with the people we want to allow. No one else will be able to access our networks.

Some people do manage to steal access to our networks by hacking the passwords. Most of the intruders are innocent who just need the internet, but a few of them do penetrate your network to implement their nefarious schemes. They might use it to send illegal emails or threats. Hence, taking proper steps to protect your personal network connection is quite important. High level encryption Your Wi-Fi Connection is one of the important measures that you will need to take care of. (more…)

wi-fiResearch carried out by Sophos, shows that 8% of the more than 100,000 access points Wi-Fi, registered in the center of London, do not use encryption technology, and 19% use encryption technology, WEP. According to the researchers, the fact that many Wi-Fi networks in London used fairly old technology encryption WEP, can be explained by the fact that quite a number of Internet users are using older Wi-Fi routers that do not support the more modern encryption technology.

Most experts say that the root of the problem lies in the fact that the majority of Internet users use their existing equipment on a “works fine”, often replacing it only when the existing equipment is beyond repair. (more…)