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Secure home network

Major threat to the security of your data – is the World Wide Web. We will describe how to provide protection for your home network.

Often users mistakenly believe that to protect the home PC connected to the Internet is enough conventional antivirus. In introducing misleading and labels on boxes of routers, which states that in these devices in hardware implemented a powerful firewall that can protect against hacker attacks. These statements are only partially true. First of all, both of these tools requires good configuration. However, many anti-virus packages are simply not equipped with this function as a firewall.

Meanwhile literate structure protection starts from the connection to Internet. In today’s home networks tend to use Wi-Fi-routers using Ethernet-cable connection. Through a local network connected to the Internet have a desktop and laptop computers, smartphones and tablets. And as a team are themselves PCs and peripherals such as printers and scanners, many of which are connected via a network is.

Cracking your access point, the attacker can not just use your Internet connection and manage the household computer devices, but also to place on the web illegal content, using your IP-address, as well as steal information stored on the equipment connected to the network. Today we will cover the basic rules of network security, the maintenance of their health and prevention of attacks. (more…)