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Wi-Fi NetworkWhen you are bored and you are just walking around the mall you immediately would take out your Wi–Fi compatible gadget and go online on a hot spot nearby. The only problem is that what you are doing is already a risk to your gadget. It has hidden risks that you should take seriously.

Still more than a third of such users will still do their internet surfing without having the security action that they have to do while logging on to a Wi–Fi  public hot spot. This is info from the Kaspersky Consumer Security Risks survey which was done by the B2B International and Kaspersky Lab in the summer of 2013.

It is so easy to go online these days. It is not limited to cell networks anymore and also with broadband cable communication networks. You can connect with a public Wi – Fi hot spot that would allow to connect a number of computers and mobile gadgets to the web. (more…)

McAfee logoMcAfee Security Innovations technology guards your Android-devices

The company McAfee, well-known manufacturer of anti-virus solutions and safety equipment, has introduced a new technology for Android-based platform – an application McAfee Security Innovations, which is a universal tool for data security of mobile devices.

The device has built-in “Smart perimeter”, which allows you to connect multiple Android devices via Wi-Fi. If the phones were drawn away to a distance of 30 meters due to lost or stolen phone, Audio alarm will sound at all connected to each other devices. Additional protection, built-in technology Security Innovations, a pin, locking the screen in case of violation of the perimeter. In addition, the solution has a built-in data storage and backup functions, and QR-code scanner checks the security of your network connection. (more…)

wi-fiResearch carried out by Sophos, shows that 8% of the more than 100,000 access points Wi-Fi, registered in the center of London, do not use encryption technology, and 19% use encryption technology, WEP. According to the researchers, the fact that many Wi-Fi networks in London used fairly old technology encryption WEP, can be explained by the fact that quite a number of Internet users are using older Wi-Fi routers that do not support the more modern encryption technology.

Most experts say that the root of the problem lies in the fact that the majority of Internet users use their existing equipment on a “works fine”, often replacing it only when the existing equipment is beyond repair. (more…)