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Windows 8 SecurityWhenever someone talks about the latest advancements when it comes to software in the technology industry, most people want to know what kind of security the software has to offer. It is not surprising why; every day, the wide range of already existing security threats continues to evolve to penetrate newer, safer systems.

Microsoft is well aware of this fact as well, which is why the company has sought out to enhance its security software with its latest operating system. Because security features should be taken into account with any good review, keep these security improvements and how you can be protected from exploits and other vulnerabilities in mind when evaluating Windows 8 as a whole. (more…)

Symantec CorpThe program Norton Studio is now available for free in the app store Microsoft Store ‘s new operating system Windows 8.

The program Norton Studio created and tailored specifically to the interface of Windows 8. The solution enables users to centrally manage Norton antiviruses, installed on different computers and devices, and view information related to the security system.

The application allows users to monitor Norton AntiVirus 2013, Norton Internet Security 2013, Norton 360 2013, Norton Mobile Security for Android and other products Norton, which can be installed on computers and mobile devices. (more…)

Symantec CorpSymantec has announced the release of the updated version of Norton Studio tools for workstations running Windows 8.

This utility works as an integrated control panel for rapid access to all products Norton, installed on your computer.

The program Norton Studio designed and optimized specifically for Windows 8  interface. It allows users to centrally manage antivirus Norton, installed on different computers and devices, and view the necessary information. The new release, as reported by the official services, not included global improvement, but it will be more stable and fast. (more…)

Fake activator Windows 8

The creators hope to spread malware in the popularity of the new OS users.

As the researchers report of Trend Micro, in the Internet were found two pieces of malicious program, which offer users a supposedly install the operating system Windows 8 and activate it.

According to experts, one component of the virus offers users establish a novelty, for which the potential victim in the window that appears in Russian offered just press ‘OK’.

The second part of the virus is positioning itself as an activator of the operating system. In order to obtain a product activation code ostensibly, a dialog box asks the user to send SMS-message to a specified number. Thus, hackers online-fraud scheme.

“Malware  creators hope of success, given the popularity of the operating system Windows 8 among users, as well as the desire of many of them to get the product without paying license fee” – say researchers Trend Micro.

For security purposes, users must avoid visiting or downloading from untrusted sources. Better yet, users should instead purchase the legitimate program. (more…)

Windows 8

In Windows 8 activation system is vulnerable, which replaces a false activation key for validity.

In the system of authentication is vulnerable Windows 8, which allows for free to get activated version of the operating system. By false activation through KMS (key management system) and update via Windows Media Center, any user can get a “legitimate” version of the new operating system from Microsoft.

This method requires to install Windows 8 using any key (including those already used), connect to the server with KMS, configured so as to accept the key as valid. After installation, the user receives a 180-day illegitimate operating system version.

In order to make the operating system a legitimate need to use the free upgrade to Windows 8 Pro, which sets the Windows Media Center. Service Windows Media Center replaces an activation key system, eliminating the opportunity to test its validity on servers Microsoft.

Recall that the free installation of Windows Media Center is a temporary offer Microsoft, which is only valid until January 31, 2013. (more…)

Windows 8

Windows 8 is vulnerable to attack

The researchers checked the accuracy of the statement that the new OS is more secure than the previous platform.

Due to the fact that the interest of users in the recently released Windows 8 is very small, the researchers decided to find out whether a new version of the operating system is more secure than the previous ones.

According to experts Symantec, despite the fact that they were able to detect only one type of malicious application for Windows 7 that can attack users of Windows 8, they do not doubt in the gradual emergence of an increasing number of viruses for the new platform.

Researchers from the antivirus company Bitdefender, in turn, decided to find out how Windows 8 and its enhanced security to cope with the ‘old’ threats.

Analysts conducted a test with 385 malicious applications leads the list of the most common viruses and two personal computers that are running the new operating system of Microsoft. In this case, one of the PCs was activated Windows Defender. (more…)

Windows Defender

Can block 85% of known threats

Built-in protection mechanisms implemented in the new operating system, Windows 8, able to withstand a wide range of threats, but they do not make your computer completely invulnerable and do not exclude the need for a separate anti-virus application. This is the conclusion of researchers from BitDefender in the course of the study.

The trials took part three test computer. On one of the machines was running Windows 7, and the other two PCs were running the latest Windows 8 (with Enabling and Disabling the Windows Defender). To conduct a comprehensive inspection used a set of samples of malicious code, including the latest versions of known viruses, “Trojan horses”, worms and “rootkits”.

In order to ensure the purity of the experiment procedure run malicious programs was fully automated, synchronized process experts also perform malicious code on all three computers. After each start attempt was carried out a thorough comparison of the lists of processes and the study of changes in the registry on each of the test systems. Next, the computer will return to its original “pure” state for their next stage of testing. (more…)

Windows 8Despite the efforts of Microsoft customize build mechanisms to counter cyber threats, to better protect the user needs antivirus.

Experts in the field of information security is not very optimistic about took the news the update of security mechanisms in the operating system Windows 8 from Microsoft.

Despite the appearance of the OS Product Windows SmartScreen and Windows Defender, which, together with the earlier protection mechanisms should provide comprehensive user safety, the researchers note that the efforts made Microsoft is not enough. So, Windows SmartScreen is a means of protecting your computer from running unknown applications and files downloaded from the web, and Windows Defender – complete integrated Antivirus previously known as Microsoft Security Essentials.

Both decisions, according to the developer, to fully protect the user from a variety of cyber attacks, as Microsoft Security Essentials does not just accept the best of anti-virus solutions. (more…)

Intel SMEPWith the new generation of Intel architecture-based Ivy Bridge was presented a new hardware-based security. It’s called Intel SMEP.  

It adds a headache when exploiting vulnerabilities kernel mode, Like bit NX, prevents code execution on the memory page.

In turn, Microsoft has implemented support for SMEP in Windows 8, thereby making the OS more secure. However, the first implementation of the “head-on” support SMEP turned with a small defect, through which the attacker is still possible for a relatively painless operation vulnerabilities.

What is SMEP?

SMEP stands for “Supervisor Mode Execution Protection” – preventing the execution of code in the supervisor mode. Supervisor mode – is the preferred mode of operation of the processor, which executes the kernel of Windows 8. In terms of operating systems, this is called as kernel mode. Opposite to it is the user mode – In this mode execute user applications. (more…)

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Administrator Windows 8 can reveal the passwords of other users.

Company experts Password Recovery Software (PRS) have discovered a serious vulnerability in the new Windows 8 authentication mechanisms. It is about authentication methods through photographs and a PIN. Note that authentication with pictures in Windows 8 allows the user to select any photo, and then perform the following steps using the touch panel, for example, to draw a line between the hand and the nose or make a loop between two specific points in the image. Exact repeat these steps to confirm the identity of a system user. (more…)