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Malware Trojan HorseDesktop variants of Linux users is relatively rare victims of malicious software, but the company RSA said that discovered a Trojan software is oriented on users of open operating system in desktop form.

According to the blog RSA, a new ‘Trojan Hand’ of Thief works similar to many Windows-Trojans – after installation on the target system it captures data from web forms, even if they are passed by HTTPS, provides access to the back doors and trying to impede or block the the work of antivirus software on your computer.

RSA also notes that found at several sites hacking attempts ‘Hand of Thief’ sales for 2000 dollars, and the code sellers offer technical support for the work of the Trojan, as well as a subscription to update it. $ 3,000 is available to a set of code ‘Hand of Thief’ and the system is web-injection. The blog RSA said that the price of Linux-Trojan broadly in line with prices of similar Windows-development, although the users’ base of the desktop Linux is much smaller. (more…)