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Hackers attackExpert in the field of information security, Brian Krebs found a link between startup Anvisoft, which develops antivirus software and hacker Dyelin Tan, aka Withered Rose.

In the report of the company Verisign in 2007 for example, he appeared as the leader of a hacker group supports China NCPH.

As noted by Krebs, Dyelin close behind attacks on organizations that act for the defense agencies, and the creation of a rootkit with 0day-vulnerabilities in Microsoft Office.

They found that belonging Anvisoft domain registered user wth rose, which owns the other addresses. Conducted research allowed Krebs to find anonymous email belonging to the hacker.

Resource PC World tried to get a comment in the forum Dyelin Anvisoft, but 28-year-old Chinese man did not respond to the request.

Drop it in the light of information received the trust to the products Anvisoft, hard to say. Experts in the field of IT-security believe that it is people like Dyelin can offer the market the most professional solutions for the protection of data (if not take advantage of his position to conduct illegal activities.) (more…)