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Wordpress VulnerabilitiesI would like to thank for posting this article. They have a great deal of useful articles on malware and other threats to your computer. I would encourage readers to check out some of their internet security articles once you are finished reading here.

Your blog or other WordPress website likely has a great deal of time and effort put into it, and often it can have great personal significance to the owner. There are people and programs out there, however, for one reason or another, that seek to disrupt it or otherwise take it over. That is why you need to be as security conscious as possible when using your WordPress website and administering it. The last thing you want is for your website to be the next victim in a long string of attacks. (more…)

Wordpress VulnerabilityWordPress has gotten some negative publicity for being a target for hackers. While no site is totally impenetrable, quite a few computer hackers simply aim at easy targets.

Your WordPress site becomes an easy target when you neglect updates or use site management techniques that make your site inviting. Your home is not impenetrable, but you don’t go out and leave the doors unlocked or leave the windows open. Sure, someone can still break in when it is locked, but thieves are generally in a hurry and want an easy target.

Same with your website, therefore knowing the most common WordPress security mistakes will greatly decrease the odds of your site being hacked. (more…)

Wordpress VulnerabilityWordPress has become the most popular content management system on the internet through a combination of ease-of-use and flexibility. Unfortunately, the proliferation of WordPress has also led unethical hackers to target WordPress sites.

Basic security practices for WordPress blogs can mean the difference between having an operational website and having your website infected with malware. Taking the following steps takes very little time, but makes a significant difference in the security of your site. By spending a few moments on basic security upfront, you can save yourself hours of headache from a compromised WordPress site in the future.

Delete the Default “Admin”

Every WordPress installation includes a default Administrator account named “Admin”. Since the standard installation automatically installs “Admin”, an unfortunate number of WordPress blogs rely on the same username. (more…)