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Worst Software BugsSome of History’s Worst Software Bugs

Software bugs can be a serious business, and some of the world’s worst software bugs have caused losses of security, money… and even human life.

Software bugs aren’t typically thought of as “dangerous” – many times, they’re viewed as more of a nuisance than anything else. Yet with more and more aspects of our lives controlled by software, a minor glitch can cause a huge problem. Here’s a look at some of history’s worst software bugs.

Explosions in the Sky

Sometimes it comes down to a single number. In the instance of the Ariane 5, a rocket launched by the European Space Agency, that number in the “inertial reference system” was larger than the 16-bit system could compute. The end result? Less than a minute after the rocket (which cost $7 billion in development) took off, it exploded spectacularly. The lesson here is clear. Check your math.