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XoftSpy logoThe program XoftSpy AntiVirus Pro detects and removes viruses, spyware, and other malware that can lead to identity theft or unauthorized use of personal data.

Internet threats may lead to a different kind of problems for you and your computer. For example, some malicious programs make their way to the confidential information and can find credit card numbers, bank accounts, passwords, logins, etc. Other types of malware can use your PC to send spam or other illegal activities. Still others – lead to system instability, errors, blue screens, etc.

To avoid all this, the solution uses features such as a firewall, blocking dangerous sites, e-mail protection. In addition to this technology Active Protection blocks cyber attacks and annoying pop-up advertising program. In addition, XoftSpy AntiVirus Pro uses advanced scanning mechanisms, frequently updated database, improved search, etc. As a result, the user is in possession of a comprehensive information security system computer. (more…)